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ContentBlogger Review

If you are looking for a tool that will write truly top-quality content then this ContentBlogger review the answer. It has been made by an expert software developer initially for his own use. Now a year on he has decided to market this software which will fully automate your content writing.

There is now no need for you having to spend hours trying to research, write and edit content yourself, we all know how tedious this can be.

If you have gone down the route of hiring content writers you can relax, you will no longer be constantly paying out for articles which you still have to check and often edit yourself anyway. If like me you have tried article spinners you will be aware of the low-quality content they produce which is no use for your SEO.

The greatest feature we found when writing up this ContentBlogger review was it does not produce duplicated content so your SEO will be boosted. It gives you the opportunity to economically create the sort of content that will get your websites to that prized page one spot on Google and keep it there.

Once you see how simple it is to use and the quality of the content it produces you may well decide to set yourself up as a content writer to create another income stream for yourself.

ContentBlogger is an app that is compatible with Mac and P.C. that will produce totally unique copyscape passed content at the click of a button for you to use yourself or sell. This app does far more than produce an 100% unique article for you, it has some really great features.

  • Value for money – Costs less than the price of a couple of good quality articles
  • Automated – ContentBlogger will curate content and relevant videos when you insert your keyword and automatically make it unique and post it to your website.
  • Videos – Turn any video into 100% unique content, push the button and transcribe any video into an article. This has endless possibilities.
  • SEO – Unique readable engaging SEO optimised content.
  • Easy to use – Click of a button.
  • Works with any WordPress blog and themes.
  • Spintax ready.
  • Integrated Copyscape checker.
  • Tried, tested and safe to use.

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So, ContentBlogger is able to turn videos into articles or find existing articles curating then rewriting content. It will take any article you insert into it totally unique by changing stop words. ContentBlogger will find the stop words in the article and alter them.

This will make the article appear totally unique and new when checked by search engines and Copyscape. The article will appear the same as the original to users and will still reap SEO benefits as only the stop words are changed. This will give a huge boost to your rankings.

If you are just looking to create content for your own sites or you are a content writer looking to increase output then ContentBlogger is the software for you and now is the time to buy.  Why waste money paying for articles or losing out on sales as you cannot produce articles quick enough when you can take advantage of the Special Offer Price Today and be churning out unique content tomorrow.

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