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WP Toolkit Video Magic Review

If you need to improve your WordPress blogs or video marketing our WP Toolkit Video Magic review (version two) is just what you need right now. It will enable you to set up super quick hosted video delivery using S3 & CloudFront.

This video hosting platform uses the same technology that powers Amazon Prime Video, Hulu & Spotify for a ridiculously low price and will also save you a huge amount of money on hosting. It is also simple to use, you need no special technical skills and you don’t even need your own videos.

We all want to increase leads, sales and profits and this is the tool that will do this for you.

WP Toolkit Video Magic comes with the following features;

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Inbuilt HTML5 Video Player.
  • 1-Click Cloudfront Integration
  • Ability to add Amazon S3 Video to Any blog
  • Delayed Buttons & Auto play
  • No annoying Ads, Watermarks or Links

Plus, these great new version two features;

  • Floating Video – To keep your videos in front of people as they scroll down the page to increase conversions!
  • DropBox Hosting – Take advantage of Dropbox’s Generous Daily Bandwidth allowances to Save Money!

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It is time for you to fully realise the sales and marketing potential of videos using the 1-click integration for adding S3 & Cloudfront videos to any WordPress blog.

You will have control to show your videos where, when and how you want them even pinning them to one corner so they follow client down the page to reinforce your message. This will turn your blogs and videos into a real money-making tool.

As you are making the effort to read this WP Toolkit Video Magic Review you obviously know how important videos are in online marketing and can change an average blog post, page or campaign into a real success.

However, I am sure you will have experienced issues with outdated video plugins, found that by embedding YouTube videos you bleed your top traffic to ads and related videos.

Then there is the cost of hosting your own videos on the likes of Vimeo and Wistia etc, this can become a very costly outgoing and drain on your business. Well with WP Toolkit Video Magic it is an easy 1-click process to add Amazon S3 and Cloudfront videos to any blog, you will have full control as you turn your blogs and videos into high converting sales.

How Does WP Toolkit Video Magic Work?

    1. Easy Integration – easy 1-click integration lets you add your Amazon S3 and Cloudfront accounts to WP Video Magic. This step only has to be done once on your first set up.
    2. Select a Video – Choose the video you want to add to your blog. Click on the easy to use the drop down menu to select a video which will only take a few seconds.
    3. Choose Your Settings – Select if you want your video to auto play and display controls, maybe you would like an order button to appear beneath your video after a set time, you can do it all here.
    4. Get Your Shortcode – Take the shortcode and insert it into any post on your WordPress blog to start showing your video, it is that simple!

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Now you have a video that works the way you want it to. You can now churn out more and watch you’re your leads, sales and profits soar! You get so much more than this with WP Video Magic though.

WP Video Magic works with both Amazon S3 & CloudFront giving you access to cheap, powerful hosting.

With CloudFront Integration and 1-Click CloudFront setup you need no technical skills to start making videos and using Amazon hosting.

You do not need your own videos. WP Video Magic is integrated with YouTube so you can simply add videos to your blog, you need no video production experience.

WP Video Magic has its own built in HTML5 Video Player so you have no compatibility issues that could be caused by having to use a third-party player.

Your videos will be 100% mobile responsive which is vital for sales today. They will play on all types of devices so your customer can view a top quality video from their armchair or on the move.

You have so much control with WP Video Magic. You can set your video to autoplay and hide or show controls, you can select if you want the video to start auto-buffering as soon as the page is loaded to give your visitors the best viewing experience.

The videos you create will have no ads or links to competitors related videos, so no more losing traffic and profit to the competition.

WP Video Magic uses full Amazon S3 Media Manager and it has download security & encryption for all S3 hosted files added to keep you safe.

You are able to set any HTML content to appear beneath your video at a specific time. This means you can have delayed order buttons, opt-in forms, links or any other HTML content to further boost your sales.

With the Advanced Media Analytics, you will be able to see exactly how your videos are performing. You can analyse what is being watched, where and for how long.

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The surprising thing is that not only is WP Toolkit Video Magic better with more features that its competitors but it is also cheaper!

If you ACT TODAY you can take advantage of the low introductory one-time payment offer with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee which Includes an Unlimited Personal Site License.

This is a special launch offer and it is the developer’s intention to increase the price or possibly opt for a monthly recurring plan once they have recouped some of the set-up cost and started work on their next exciting project.

So, if you want to make top quality videos, boost your leads, sales and profits act now!

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